The mobile app is part of life for most of the people around the world who use the Internet. Statistics show 21% of people of the world opens the app 50 times per day. Google play store has a 2.8 million app and Apple app stores have 2.2 million apps for mobile users. You spent a huge amount of money to create an app, so to increase your audience to download the app you need to promote it. To promote the app you need to make a video to show the features of your app and how your app works. Mobile app promo is the best way to do video marketing for your app.

We will see now 5 outstanding mobile app promo now.

Android App Promo –

Phone Mockup, unique pack contain 32 animated devices, 14 elegant full HD scenes. Android app, mockup Samsung s9 presentation, presentation android, mobile promo animation, Samsung app promo.

Phone XS App Promo –

Phone X App Promo is the excellent app promo video and app presentations in an iPhone XS mockup. It’s minimal, professional-looking, dynamic, simple, clean, and stylish. With a contemporary and clean design, smooth animations, energetic text, and crisp transitions. Featuring 40 screen media  App Screen & 25 text layers, easily create a fantastic looking presentation promo. 

Colorful App Promo With iPhone Xs –

iPhone Xs promo contains commercial full HD scenes. Full HD Screens Dynamically animated scenes Modern text animations and transitions. Elegant animation. 

Quick App Promo –

Quick App Promo” is a simple, quick, and stylish App Promo Mockup project for your beautiful app. It is modern, stylish, and beautiful.

Realistic App Promotion –

It features everything you need to create a realistic App Promotion for you. A simple yet powerful set up that is perfect for your expensive app.

4 Different Phone Models / iPhone X and Android Model with a Screen Size of 1125×2436px

• 27 Readymade Animations

• Dynamic Text • Modular Structure 

• Universal Expressions, Works in any Language 

Hope you select the best promo for your app!