To connect with your audience, app user, and potential user you need some explainer video for your mobile app. The app promo video in 30-90 seconds explains your app to catch the eyes of your audience. To know how the app works and look like some users watch the app promo video before downloading the app.  Having an app promo considerably increases your app to download as the promo is informative, animated, and colorful.

App promo put all the features of the app and explain it concisely to the points. You can use use the promo to Facebook, Youtube, Instagram as a video marketing for the app and reach the audience worldwide. In short, app video promo can be used for Appstore/Google play store, as explainer video as well as for video marketing.

In this article, I put 10 awesome app promo video to explain, promote and make viral your app to get download

One of the classy video for app Promo with smooth transition and glossy screen.

Remarkable Mobile UI App Promo Video 

Mind Blowing Colourful App Promo Video

Impressive App Promo for Your Mobile App to catch the eyes! 

Stunning App Promo Video for Your High-Value App

Breathtaking Mobile App Promo with Colourful Background 

Astonishing Fast Stomp Mobile App promo

Magnificent Universal App Promo Video, Just Irresistible

Extraordinary Android app promo video, Dominate the Google Play Store

Incredible iPhone X Mockups & promo Video

Fabulous phone XS Mobile App Promo Video

That’s It. Hope you find the best promo for your mobile app.